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In Focus: Typhoon Bopha

Last week, the southern Philippines was struck by Typhoon Bopha, the strongest tropical cyclone to ever hit the island of Mindanao. Bopha made landfall as a Category 5 super typhoon with winds of 160 mph (260 km/h), flattening coastal villages, wiping out banana plantations, and causing mudslides and flooding. At the moment, the number of deaths has reached nearly 650, the number of missing is still near 800, and another 400,000 have been displaced by the storm. Collected here are images from the affected islands, as rescue and recovery workers continue to search through debris in fields choked with trees, boulders, and mud. 

See more. [Images: Reuters, AP, Getty]

Click here for more information, or to donate to the Philippines Annual Monsoon and Typhoon Children in Emergency fund.

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Signal boost for my country!

The Weather Channel indicated its trajectory and America watched as it neared the Philippines. I watched the news when they reported on it and just kind of said “we wish them luck…” The world should have been sending them shit before it even happened, or at least had something prepared for them. We sure as hell knew this would happen.

I swear I’m a fucking artist
I know exactly where my heart is
I know exactly where all my loves at
I know exactly where my trust at
Hand me a pen and I’ll draw it out
I wear my heart on my sleeve ain’t gotta draw it out
I’m an engineer solely kuz I was born to create
create my life with each day
with actions I paint
Introvert loud as a verse from Billie Holiday
Never on holiday
I embody my faith
faith in progress and growth in myself
reflect that on the world and create something else

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"The writer must earn money in order to be able to live and to write, but he must by no means live and write for the purpose of making money"

~ KM

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Dance around the issue…just dance around the issue

Do like we we’re used to communication missue

News of the death of my expression

risen in spirit toward heaven with use of a pen

I feel left like my heart in my chest

and the view of the world through my very lens

best way to express

How else will I get the world to listen

if I don’t use the two edges of the sword I’ve been given

let it out before I’m left in doubt

if you don’t hear me now wait until I shout

kuz my voice is the angst of a heart looking for love

I’m ready to push, while some ready to shove

Bound to change the world and I’ll show you how I does

Ready to finalize the draft with thoughts still rough

I just want to express everything… the ink it is.


Evolution of the Philippine Flag

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“We may be young but we know something is wrong” CounterBalance @richazardous @isangmahal #openmic #brosamas #bromance #homies #knowledge #music #theateroffjackSON #anakbayan206 #fuckit #dyingtoknow (at Theatre Off Jackson)


“We may be young but we know something is wrong” CounterBalance @richazardous @isangmahal #openmic #brosamas #bromance #homies #knowledge #music #theateroffjackSON #anakbayan206 #fuckit #dyingtoknow (at Theatre Off Jackson)

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Live A Life Of Love


The Bar


The Bar

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